Why The Hate is about bringing attention to hate in the world. Many of us shrug it off and think, “I'm glad I'm not like that.” By doing nothing you are condoning the hate. You are nearly as guilty as the haters. I beg that you call out your friends and family when you see hateful behavior. Call out your fellow political allies when you see vile words. Those people are only hurting your cause. I once thought I could work with the haters in order to push my political and social beliefs, but that's becoming an impossibility.

Most days as I look around the internet I have to keep reminding myself that I'm no longer in grammar school. We hear a lot on the news about bullying. I find it ironic that many of those wanting to end bullying do it themselves, and that many who were bullied in life do the same online.

I find few in today's world who can talk about religion or politics without resorting to name calling and slandering. Many people never stop and try to understand how others came to arrive at their own beliefs. Some say they aren't trying to change the mind of others. If that's true, then why bother with futile exchanges that lead to nothing but anger?

I would think the reason for debate would be to make others see your point of view. Once the conversation reaches the point of name calling, no one will see anything beyond their own anger and hatred. Each side will blame the other for all the ills of society – neither realize both sides are often equally to blame.

The most futile debate is that between Atheist and Christian. Neither will ever understand the other side. In these exchanges of venom the Christian should share the most burden. It is they who follow a religion that teaches compassion and forgiveness. If one is going to tell others how to live they must first set an example.

In the end, we must find ways to forgive and to coexists on this planet. It's going to be up to the non-haters to make this a better world. I hope at some point this site can be more about solutions than simply listing injustices. 

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