Thursday, November 26, 2015

Group Says Republicans Want To Kill Gays

It's fair to say that some Republicans are restricting the rights of LGBT as free Americans, but when they take it this far, it's time to end the false rhetoric. I have never met a Republican who wanted to execute gays. There a few extremist who would have LGBT people locked away, but thankfully they are far and in-between. You can't call out an entire group because of the actions of a small few. This is the same as that all LGBT shouldn't carry the progressive label or be called perverts when many are also honest libertarians and Republicans.

 I have never heard those three candidates utter a single word that came close to what this group is claiming. There are LGBT being executed all around the world, but these same groups don't seem to be as angry about that as they are Republicans. People are allowing ideological hate to cloud their judgements and fighting the wrong enemy. There are Republicans who should be called out for some of the things they say about the LGBT community, but it must be done truthfully.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LGBT Hate For Caitlyn Jenner

When Caitlyn Jenner  came out as transgender, many were shocked and some came out attacking. When Caitlyn Jenner came out as a Republican, the hate doubled. Caityln seems unable to do anything right. She is being put down because of her life choices, political affiliation, and her wealth.

There are those who can't seem to understand why anyone LGBT would be a Republican. The answer is simple, there are many issues, and those affecting the LGBT community are only a few. Yes, of course issues that personally affects someone  seems huge, but economic issues affect everyone. National security and economics are the driving issues that pushes LGBT to be Republican. Many tend to be more libertarian because they understand social issues that affect the LGBT community. You might not realize this from watching television and reading the news, but there are many pro choice republicans. They are usually quiet on the subject because, for now, abortion is legal and looks to remain that way.

Even when we disagree, there should be some civility. The hate coming from some in the LGBT community is no worse than we see from far right bigots. The hate between the left and right must end or it will tear the country apart. Because of the hateful rhetoric coming from the  LGBT community and progressives in general, it just pushes those on the right farther away and creates animosity for the LGBT community that increases the divide.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Homicides of Transgender Women in U.S. Reach Alarming High

In 2015, there are some on the right who are still filled with hate for anything LGBT. These comments don't require a lot of explanation, but for the hard of understanding,  some of these commenters don't seem to understand percentages. Even though there are so few deaths, the percentages are breath taking.

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